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adam_taylorAdam Taylor: President,  APM Music

“I have known and worked with Edie Hand since the early 1990s. From the moment we met at the National Association of Television Production Executives, I knew she was someone unique and special and that I wanted to know her and work with her. We began our collaboration in the development of programming concepts for television beginning with her personal story of her family journey, her relationship with Elvis Presley, and her challenges and triumphs. We continued our  collaboration with Edie serving for me as the on-camera host for products on Home Shopping Network and Shop at Home Network.”

I have always been struck by Edie’s faith and her spirit and her willingness to put her money where her mouth is, creating foundations and raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the You Pave The Way program, and others. She has served as a role model for me in my life and her choices have helped guide my own. I am honored to be able to have Edie work with APM Music, where I serve as president.”

About APM

APM is the largest production music library in North America with offices in Los Angeles and New York and field offices in Washington, DC, Boston, and Portland, OR. Everyone who has ever experienced music synchronized to pictures knows the undeniable impact it plays. APM Music has been a crucial part of that experience for more than 30 years with everything from the smallest of indie films to the largest blockbuster studio releases; from television programs to commercial campaigns and sports broadcasting; from video games to mobile handheld games; from musical greeting cards to online user-content. Name the medium, and APM music is there. It is no surprise then that APM is the world’s leading creative music house and production music library, renowned for the unique quality and range of their music. They are an indispensable resource because of their service and integrity. It is their continued commitment to creativity, quality, and customer service that has made them the industry leader for over 30 years.

Hand ‘N Hand Entertainment Engagement

For the Hand ‘N Hand Entertainment projects, our plan is to record in our studio, Lionshare. Lionshare is a well-known Hollywood studio in the “Westlake Audio” style. It is the studio where Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, and Michael Jackson chose to record the music for “We are the World”, it is the studio previously owned by Kenny Rogers, Babyface, and others, and has been graced by countless stars and top talent over the years. APM is honored to be the shepherd of Lionshare at this time.

APM oversees the production of thousands of songs per year which we release all over the world. Our expertise is in producing the highest quality music at reasonable rates far below what it would cost elsewhere. We pride ourselves on our speed, quality, and pricing, allowing all levels of production to find the right budget for what they need.

Thank you for the opportunity to work together.   http://www.apmmusic.com/


Click the video button below to listen to the song, A Better Tomorrow from The Last Ride Documentary, and view highlights from the film.

The Last Ride Music Video from Vulcan Media on Vimeo.