Brian Covert

Video Production

Brian has been working with Edie Hand for over a decade and worked with her in Nashville on her television program  Rx for Healthy Living which ran for years on the RFD Network and it affiliates all over the country.

Additionally, Brian filmed many of Edie Hand’s Thanksgiving and Christmas specials which included many of the top country singers in the country.  Below is a trailer highlighting one of those specials. 

Covert Productions

Brian’s video expertise along with his wife Sara’s marketing expertise make for a perfect match-up for their video production company.

Their production team has over 25 years of successful management and leadership experience with a reputation for meeting the most challenging goals and objectives while maintaining the utmost professionalism. Brian is a practical and focused individual recognized for making seemingly impossible situations work. A proven and VERIFIABLE record for:

  • Maintaining a high level of integrity while dealing with extensive and diverse personalities to meet the requirements of each individual project.
  • Approaching each project/endeavor as unique and individual while taking the time required to listen and meet the requirements of the client requests.
  • Showing paramount patience and guidance as a supervisor to lead the team to successful productions.

Brian is proud to possess a passion for video production and a desire to help others reach their potential in the field while tapping into their given talents.