Endorsements of Edie Hand &
Hand 'N Hand Entertainment, Inc.

“Edie is a true inspiration to all who know her.  She has a real gift for telling stories with honesty and heart that connect with audiences in impactful and compelling ways.  These are stories that need to be told.  She is a real ambassador for the potential for what is in all of us—an inner strength that often goes beyond our understanding.  Prepare to be encouraged and changed!”

Steve McBeth, founding President, Disney Interactive

“Edie has made a difference in so many lives whether in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or helping FedEx articulate the untold stories of incredible women like herself who have impacted our company journey.  Her energy is bountiful and she truly motivates all around her no matter what media format she selects.  Edie Hand truly walks the talk.”

Dan Mullally, SVP Sales, FedEx

“I had the honor of meeting Edie at the Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) Gracie Awards while serving as a judge for the awards show. As an honored member of the Alliance for Women in Media, Edie is one of the founders of the Gracie Awards recognizing excellence in media and entertainment. She is an avid champion of women in the industry, and she also served as a local AWM affiliate president in Alabama.

Most recently, Edie sat on the documentary panel during the Southern Women in Film & TV summit and shared her filmmaking process with attendees that included my AWM affiliate in Southern California. Her passion and creativity are reflected in her good works and it was a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into her role as a documentary producer.

Always thinking of others, this amazing woman continues to pay it forward with her philanthropy work supporting organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A beautiful legacy of uplift, Edie is a friend, a colleague, and a woman of true grit!”

Kim Spence Dickey
Executive Board of Directors
Alliance for Women in Media, SoCal

This book is for every person who is wondering how to find the GRIT to not quit. Women of True Grit is a rallying cry, a healing balm, and a warm embrace to anyone in the middle of a difficult season of pain. Whether the battle is on the homefront, the health front, or the work front her message of ‘Swords up. Pearls on.’ is the game-changing message that every woman needs to hear today!

Karolyn Hart – Founder, InspireHUB Inc. 

“Edie Hand’s Women of True Grit publications are filled with life stories of women who have journeyed through good and bad times and experienced phenomenal success. These stories are moving examples of what persistence and faith can do to propel individuals to reach their full potential.”

Dr. Devin Stephenson, President/CEO
Northwest Florida State College


“Edie Hand’s book “Women of True Grit”, presents in a most motivating manner, leaders with her same “grit-a-tude.” These ladies have in common a dedicated spirit and skill set to resolve and personally grow through handling Life’s immense challenges. They do this repetitively every day while bringing the best out in others. Readers will reflect on their past exposures to their Grit Mentors and how to cascade this discipline. An uplifting read.”

Bill Lardie
(R) CEO  Anderson Merchandisers

“I have known Edie for 30 years now and I consider it a true honor and pleasure to call her my friend and colleague. She is a uniquely talented woman of incredible integrity and creativity who brings an enormous passion to everything she does, motivated by her deep desire to help the world and those around her. I look forward to continuing to work together for many years to come.”

Adam Taylor , President/CEO
APM Music

“I know Edie’s story and if anyone has ever shown True Grit, she has! And she’s done it with grace, gratitude, and a beautiful loving spirit. I look forward to her Women of True Grit stories. I have no doubt they will be inspiring and transforming.”

Dave Alan Johnson

“I had the pleasure of first working with Edie as a writer while at Promenade Pictures. Later, we worked together to produce a new idea she had for “A Country Music Christmas with Edie Hand and Friends.”

Edie is a woman of integrity and great passion for everything she does. On our show, we worked closely with The Children’s Miracle Network in Nashville and Children’s Hospital of Alabama. The love and hope that she brought to those children and their families were emotionally invaluable.

She is a talented writer and producer who has touched so many with her successful books and wonderful stories of encouragement. Edie has pursued her dreams in entertainment with conviction and endless talents.

Karen Waldron, Producer and Special Events Coordinator based in California

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Edie Hand is by far one of the strongest women I have ever met. So strong and full of dreams and so much energy. She not only endured the tragedies of losing her brothers but also survived several bouts of cancer. Her book Women of True Grit tells the unique and courageous life stories of many women who faced life with courage, and yes, true grit. Enjoy reading this uplifting collection of inspiring stories

Kerri Woods Breeding

“Edie is a gifted author and uniquely talented. So much energy and focus on helping others. She has a real gift for telling stories that connect with audiences in impactful and compelling ways. She has an earnest desire to help people all over the world and is a resolute supporter of women in business which is reflected in Women of True Grit. She truly is a gift to all that know her, set on this earth for a divine purpose.”

Pastor Ray Gene Wilson
West Coast Life Church, Murrieta, CA