Pursuit of Justice 

A theatrical film based on the Sharon Davies book, Rising Road.

It was among the most notorious criminal cases of its day. On August 11, 1921, in Birmingham, Alabama, a Methodist minister named Edwin Stephenson shot and killed a Catholic priest, James Coyle, in broad daylight and in front of numerous witnesses. The killer’s motive? The priest had married Stephenson’s eighteen-year-old daughter Ruth to Pedro Gussman, a Puerto Rican migrant and practicing Catholic. Sharon Davies’s Rising Road resurrects the murder of Father Coyle and the trial of his killer. 

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Mark Sims 

Cast & Production Team

Executive Producer – Mark Sims
Producer – Edie Hand
Writer/Director of Promo and Theatrical Screenplay – Dave Johnson
Production Team – Norton Dill Productions
Location – The Cathedral of St.Paul in Birmingham, Alabama
Costumes by Mary Gurney of Samford university
Hair and makeup by Debra Stanford of Majestic Salon

Linc Hand  – Attorney Joe Tate
Barry Austin  –  Father Coyle 
Pastor Stephenson – Kyle Holman
Ruth Stephenson  –  Meredith Revel
Pedro Guzman    –   Bradyn Debysingh 

Experts commenting on the case/film: 
Sharon Davies, Jim Pinto, Judge William H. Pryor Jr, Pasty Riley, Sharon Tinsley, Sister Gentle, Ora Jerald, Chris Danielson, Mark Sims, and Edie Hand. 

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Pursuit of Justice – Short Version

Pursuit of Justice

(L to R) Producers: Edie Hand and Mark Sims, Author: Sharon Davies and Writer: Greg Garrison
Greg wrote an article for Alabama.com highlighting the Rising Road story and the Pursuit of Justice Film project.