Salt Entertainment

Create entertainment company (Blumhouse low-cost production model — $1.5m to $5m production budgets) focused on traditional, conservative and faith values content for a dual-targeted audience, i.e. BOTH the special values audience and the broader general market interested in the genre.

Deeply experienced entertainment players with excellent knowledge of values audience:
Dave Johnson and Steve McBeth, Salt Entertainment
Edie Hand and Linc Hand, Hand ‘N Hand Entertainmentdavidjohnson-steve-mcbeth

Independent films, documentary films, and TV projects to take advantage of the special distribution opportunities in theatrical films, Fathom-style Event releases and digital/home entertainment. Focus of team is on content creation and marketing, using 3rd-party distribution partners available in the market. Projects will use proven business models and marketing tactics.

• “The Star” dramatic theatrical film based on the true science behind the Star of Bethlehem.
• A dramatic film or TV series (or both) based on Edie Hand’s “Ride” series.

Prove the power of the partnership and the projects, generate real success (creatively and commercially), and then move quickly to the next phase of growth with additional and follow-up projects. Scale titles and business growth as financing becomes available through project success and/or investors.

Review the Background information on the Executive Team  (PDF file)