Sims Productions, LLC

Edie Hand is working with Sims Productions, LLC to initiate projects that are identifying people, incidents, and activities from Alabama’s history and telling their stories to a new generation.

Sims Productions recognizes that we often forget that in our day to day busy world actions and attitudes are often shaped by past events.  By exploring these moments in history, documenting them, and learning from them we are better prepared to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

A number of projects are on the drawing board, and over the next few months, we will be sharing highlights of these activities and create opportunities for community involvement.  You can learn more about their projects on their website.

Mark Sims, President of Sims Productions, LLC is a high-performance executive with 25 years of healthcare management and finance experience. Additionally, he has an in-depth knowledge of long term healthcare operations at all levels and has continually demonstrated proficiency in staffing, budgeting, and program management.

After gaining some experience in the field Mark started his own accounting firm. Seeing an opportunity to serve an aging population he ventured into the Skilled Nursing Home business in North Alabama. Now with five facilities and nineteen years later Mark is expanding his activities and following a passion for history, film, and his love of the great state of Alabama, and the City of Birmingham. He has established Sims Productions, LLC to focus on bringing past historical events and significant contributions of various individuals to the screen in the form of professionally executed documentary films and streaming video to new and existing audiences.

After discovering the novel “Rising Road”, by Sharon Davies, Mark secured an option to the film rights. The story is about a clash of cultures in Birmingham in 1921 that culminated in a tragic end that divided a community. Mark’s vision is to put the story on film to not only entertain an audience but to challenge people to examine themselves regarding how they view hate and bigotry.