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Here is the trailer promoting he documentary, The Last Ride.

The Last Ride Trailer from Vulcan Media on Vimeo.


Edie Hand Foundation Released a Short Film Documentary

Hollywood Actor Linc Hand Hosts


HOLLYWOOD, CA—The Edie Hand Foundation released a film documentary, based on real-life history and events, which sparked the global non-profit organization. The project managed by Hand ‘N Hand Entertainment includes Actor, Linc Hand, and vulcanmedia-movieposterRecording Artist, Victoria Plummer along with a supporting cast of over 100 people, including Hand’s extended musical family, cousins of Elvis Presley.

The film, titled, “The Last Ride,” documents the story of the three Blackburn boys, Edie Hand’s brothers. Each led short lives in a family history mixed with happiness, tragedy, and a legacy, which created a call to action. The film is based on Hand’s best-selling book, “The Last Christmas Ride.” “This is a story about a sister’s love, and how I was taught to turn hard times into beautiful things,” said Foundation Director, Edie Hand. “It shows how my past led me to help others. I hope this film offers inspiration and shows that the deepest pain can lead to the greatest reward.”

The film’s star and narrator, Actor, Linc Hand, of Hollywood, is the son of Edie Hand. “I am inspired every day by the people she helps around the world,” said Linc Hand. “Her foundation was built around what happened in my family, and now we’re able to spread support and inspiration to thousands of people from many countries. This really is a global organization, and I am proud of my Mother for her achievements.” Edie Hand’s musical family, cousins of Elvis Presley, will provide music portions of the soundtrack.

Los Angeles Performing Artist, Robbie Rhodes is Music Director. President of APM Music, Adam Taylor, is providing award-winning production music support. Edie Hand is Executive Producer, with award-winning documentary producer, Leigh Anne Bishop, of Bama Production Services, LLC.

The Director is Emmy-Award-winning NBC News journalist, Scott Mauldin, of Vulcan Media, based in Birmingham, AL, and Charlotte, NC. “I’m happy to help document the story of this family, and show how tragedy led to strength,” said Producer, Leigh Anne Bishop. “Edie leaned on her life experience to help shape futures for other people. Her Foundation offers hope to countless people around the world.” Director, Scott Mauldin of Vulcan Media, has a vision for the film. “We want to create a sparkle in the eyes of everyone who sees this piece,” Mauldin said. “This is a story of faith, struggle, and giving back. It’s a true story. That’s why it’s exciting to direct. Edie’s life experience and the Edie Hand Foundation generate worldwide benefit.”


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