Featured here is the video for the Women of True Grit Premiere Episode. It aired originally in November 2021 and a second airing of the program was on Alabama Public Television on March 17th, 2022.

Alabama’s Women of True Grit

Great Resilience is Transformative

Alabama Public Television featured a documentary highlighting two extraordinary Alabama women in a pilot for the Women of True Grit sisterhood experience this past November. Women of True Grit shares personal stories of resilience and how they navigated to find great successes.  Dr. Bobbie Knight, President, of Miles College, and Dr. Kimberly Robinson, CEO of US Space and Rocket Center are going to share pieces of their stories to inspire and encourage other women. Edie Hand, co-author of the book Women of True Grit and True Grit for FedEx female global leaders is a book that mentors women of all seasons of life. These stories of the heart come from women from all walks of life including the worlds of business, entertainment, science, medicine, education, healthcare, and more. They are relatable to women regardless of their background and/or their professional or personal paths to share life lessons.

The episodes are interview-based with women telling a large part of the stories themselves.  Hearing the stories from their perspective adds tremendous power to the understanding of their life journeys.  The interviews are set in locations and environments that relate to each woman . . . workplaces, homes, and places that are significant in each life’s journey. Edie Hand helps showcase these experiences on the Women of True Grit platforms and highlights how they pay life forward to give back to their communities.  This adds richness and heartfelt emotions to the storytelling.

Edie’s introduction sets the stage for showcasing these women and how they were empowered to achieve success in their business and personal lives.  More information about the Women of True Grit Brand and upcoming segments and events for 2022 can be found at www.womenoftruegrit.org


Edie Hand, the creative producer of the Women of True Grit series is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, National TV and Radio Host, has been featured on national podcasts, is a philanthropist, and a 4 x Cancer Survivor who is recognized as one of the top women in Alabama Media. She knows how to do hard things and turn them into beautiful situations.

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Edie Hand at (205) 960-1345  or email ediemaehand@gmail.com

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The Women of True Grit Series is produced by Hand ‘N Hand Entertainment.
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