Edie Hand’s Women of True Grit book debuts early in March and to accompany the launch of the book and other Women of True Grit events and promotions, Edie Hand teamed up with singer, and songwriter Ronnie McDowell to pen this “Women of True Grit” song. The song is a duet sung by Ronnie and Victoria Renee Hand. We invite you to listen to it now.

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Women of True Grit

by Ronnie McDowell an Victoria Renee Hand

Ronnie McDowell

Ronnie McDowell

Ronnie McDowell has an amazing string of hit songs that he has amassed over the years, but it is his riveting stage presence and genuine warmth that fills the seats again and again. Like all great entertainers, Ronnie McDowell has a personality that remains luminous long after the lights go dim.

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Victoria Renee Hand

Victoria Renee Hand

Victoria Renee Hand is a recording artist, songwriter, and dancer from Indianapolis, IN. She wanted to be a singer from her youngest days and has been training with a vocal coach since the age of 7. By 8 years old she was performing and had already recorded songs that received airplay across major markets in Europe.

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Women of True Grit Book cover

Edie Hand's Women of True Grit

Edie Hand’s Women of True Grit book is now available for pre-order on select bookseller websites and delivery will be in March 2023.  Readers have a choice of a paperback or an eBook. The book offers 60+ heart-moving stories of women from all walks of life who navigated with Grit to transform their lives and those of the people around them.

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